Co zawsze chcieli sobie powiedzieć ale nie mogli, bo się nie spotkali. Oto cykliczny komiks filozoficzny, który daje filozofom możliwość przeprowadzenia rozmów na które do tej pory się nie odważyli.
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The nihilist haircut

Wersja polska

 I Ramka Haegel is walking to the shop wearing a small hat, trying to cover his baldness. He bumps into Socrates. Socrates: DON’T TELL ME YOU’VE ALSO JOINED THE NIHILISTS ? Hegel: WHAT?! WHAT NIHILISTS?! Sokrates: THEY ALL LOOK LIKE THAT. NIETZSCHE IS GIVING THEM HAIRCUTS...   II Ramka  Hegel: NIHILISTS. WHAT WAS HE THINKING.  III Ramka Haegel storms into the barbershop Haegel: I’LL SHOW YOU THE UNITY OF THE ABSOLUTE! Nietzsche whose top of the head is visible from behind the counter: THANK GOD IT’S YOU...I THOUGHT IT WERE THE NIHILISTS....

Starring: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Fryderyk Nietzsche and last but not least Socrates

The absolute haircut

Wersja polska

I Ramka Haegel is at the barber’s, who happens to be Nietzsche. Nietzsche has a very stylish hair-do. Nietzsche:  HOW ARE WE GOING TO CUT IT TODAY?  WITH A PARTING ON THE RIGHT OR MAYBE WITHOUT ONE?  II Ramka Hegel: LET MY HAIRCUT STATE THE TOTAL UNITY OF THE ABSOLUTE. Nietzsche: COMING UP...  III Ramka Haegel leaves the barbershop with a shaved head. Haegel, highly irritated, thinks: THIS IS SOME KIND OF DISASTER, NOT A UNITY OF THE ABSOLUTE.

Starring: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Fryderyk Nietzsche

Women and the Truth

Wersja polska

I Ramka Platon is discussing serious love/romantic issues/trouble/problems Socrates. They’re at the disco, there’s a lovely, long-legged blonde standing nearby.  Socrates: WELL, I DON’T KNOW, MAYBE SIMPLY AKS HER ABOUT HER NAME AND THEN JUST  BE YOURSELF. GO, DON’T BE SHY...  II Ramka Plato is next to the girl  Platon: HI SAFONA, WHAT’S YOUR NAME? Dziewczyna: ? Platon: DID YOU KNOW THAT FORMS ARE IMMATERIAL...  III Ramka Sokrates rozmawia z Platonem, który ma nietęgą minę... Sokrates: HOW WAS IT? Platon: YOUR ADVICE SUCKS...   Podpis:  Wystąpili: Sokrates i Platon

Starring: Socrates, Plato, Sapho

The Network

Wersja polska

I Ramka Hegel is sitting in a call center i słyszy jak kolega obok rozmawia z klientką  colleague: YES, YOU’LL HAVE FREE CALLS TO ALL IN OUR NETWORK,  AND ALSO BEYOND IT...  II Ramka Hegel calls another colleague from the next cubicle Hegel: HEY YOU!  III Ramka The colleague turns out to be Plato.  Hegel: TELL ME! IS THERE REALLY ANYBODY BEYOUND OUR NETWORK? Platon: I DON’T THINK SO, BUT THAT’S WHAT MY SCRIPT SAYS.

Starring: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel i Platon

The advice

Wersja polska

I Ramka Rene and Nietzsche Sit on the floors. Rene show off with his new mobile phone .  Rene: COOL, NAY? BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE ASIMOTHOTE ANALYSYS IS.... Nietzsche: GIVE IT TO ME... I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT.  II Ramka Rene observes impressed that Nietzsche solves his problem. Nietzsche: NOW I THINK YOU HAVE TO PUSH THIS BUTTON... Rene: YEAH, YOU ARE RIGHT.... Nietzsche: AND THEN...  III Ramka Nietzsche wyciąga swój młot i rozwala telefon. Kartezjusz nie jest już tak zadowolony jak na samym początku. Nietzsche takes out his hammer and break the phone with this. Rene is not so happy any more.

Starring: René Descartes, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

The model

Wersja polska

I Ramka Rene sits in the office of one of mobile phones supplier. Around him we can see a lot of ampty boxes and a lot of different models. Rene sits in front of the desk. Clark is at the back of the store.   Rene:THIS MODEL IS FINE. BUT I'D PREFER ONE ON WHICH YOU CAN DIFFERENTIATE...AND YOU CAN CALCULATE LOGARITHMS Clark: I CAN FIND SOMETHING  II Ramka Commentary: ONE HOUR LATER Rene: I WOULDN'T MIND A QUICK FUNCTION ANALYSIS Clark : I HAVE IT! THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE ONE I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU ABOUT!  III Ramka  Clark: IT'S JUST THAT THIS ONE DOESN'T HAVE THE OPTION OF CALLING AND TEXTING. Kartezjusz: NEVER MIND. I DON'T HAVE ANYONE TO CALL TO ANYWAY.

Starring: René Descartes, Ludwig Wittgenstein as a perfect clark



Nothing to add

Wersja polska

Nothing to add  I Drawing Socrato and Descartes are coming back from holidays by PKS bus. They are sitting and talking a lot about different stuff. Thera are suitcases in front of them and some backpacks.  Socrato: HAVE YOU HEARD THAT AUTHORS ARE GOING TO TRANSLATE STRIPS INTO ENGLISH? Kartezjusz: DON'T FREAK ME OUT! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! THAY CAN NOT MANAGE TO DO THIS! THERE ARE SO MANY JOKES JUST NOT TRANSLATABLE...  II Drawing Sokrates: RENÉ, I AM RATHER AFRAID THAT THIS WILL BE DISCREDIT.. Kartezjusz: I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN, THEIR ENGLISH IS SO WEAK. BUT NIETZSCHE CAN BE EVEN HAPPY ABOUT THIS...  III Drawing We can see Nietzsche and Xanthippe on the bus stop, they are waiting. There is a lot of luggages around them. Nietzsche: ...AT LEAST THEY WILL STOP MAKING THIS STUPID JOKES ON ME... Xanthippe: CHEER UP! THIS IS JUST USEFUL COINCIDENCE THAT YOUR SURNAME IN POLISH MEANS „NOTHING”...AND EVERYBODY HAS SO MUCH FUN READING STRIPS YOU TAKE PART IN...

Starring: Socrate, René Descartes, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Xanthippe

Yes, it is true, the authors have finally decided that they will translate strips into English. Maybe they will cope with it, maybe not, who knows... Maybe it will be an embarrassment, maybe not, we can not foresee this. As usual, the authors do not care. The only thing they care about is fun. They enjoy creating philosophical comic strips both in Polish and English SO much.

What is not so funny about today's strip? The thing that it is impossible to translate it from Polish into English. And why it is not possible to translate it? Because the ridicule of this strip is that „Nietzsche” in Polish means „nothing”. But fortunately the authors created a completely new story especially for our English-speaking friends.

So, enjoy. New strips coming up every Sunday night. Please check

Post scriptum: If you want to comment you can do it just below Polish version. We will have to adjust our blog to the english version a little bit to make comments possible, But this will hopefully happen in September. Now you just have to  click "Dodaj komentarz".